Livestock Feed & Supplies

Reed’s Services, Inc. hasn’t forgotten about the care and nutrition required to have healthy livestock and to this end, we also carry a full line of Livestock Feeds.  We provide the finest quality feed for:


ADM 36 Ration Balancer

ADM Ohio Performance

ADM Patriot Ultra Fiber

ADM Patriot Quick Performer

ADM Patriot Performance

ADM Senior Complete

ADM Patriot Mare & Foal

ADM Patriot Feed Easy Complete

ADM Power Glo

ADM Junior Glo

ADM Prime Glo

ADM Senior Glo

ADM Moor Glo

ADM Healthy Glo

Tribute Kalm & EZ

Tribute Kalm & EZ GC Plus

Tribute Performer

Tribute Seniority

Tribute Seniority GC Plus

Tribute Resolve

Tribute Kalm Ultra

Tribute K-Finish

Tribute Essentials

Tribute Solutions 14

Tribute Tough as Nails Hoof Supplement

Right Choice Solutions 14 LS


ADM Pen Pals Starter/Grower

ADM Pen Pals Egg Maker Crumbles

ADM Pen Pals Egg Maker Pellets

ADM Pen Pals Scratch/Block

Mill Blend Scratch Feed

Starter Grit

Grower Grit

Ground Oyster Shells


Kalmach 14% Beef Cond. Pellet

ADM Moor Man’s Range Mineral

ADM Dry Cow Mineral

Destiny Dry Cow Mineral

Kalmach Free Choice Beef Mineral

ADM Nursetrate Milk Replacer

ADM 30% Calf Conditioner


Kalmbach 16% Textured

Kalmbach Milk & Meat 16% Pellet

Kalmbach 18% Starter/Grower

Game Plan 2:1 Goat Mineral

ADM Goat Power Mineral

Sweetlix Meat Maker Protein Block


ADM Turkey Starter (Med.)

ADM Turkey Grower (Med.)

ADM Game Bird Conditioner

Kalmbach 28% Turkey Starter

Kalmbach 18% Turkery/Boiler/Finisher

Kalmbach 20% Game Bird Grower


Mill Blend Pig Feed 14%

Kalmbach 22% Pig Starter (Medicated)

Kalmbach 20% Pig Grower (Medicated)

ADM Pot Belly Pig


Mill Blend Lamb Feed 14%

ShowStar 18%


Kalmbach 16% (25 or 50lb)

ADM Pen Pals 15% (25 or 50lb)


Tetra Pond Sticks

Faithway Floating Catfish Food


Mill Blend 30%

ADM Rack Plus 18%

ADM Rack Plus Deer Mineral

We also carry a variety of other supplies, supplements and minerals such as:

Mix-N-Fine Salt  

Selenium Blocks

Sweet Feed 12%

Shelled Corn

Cracked Corn

Cob Corn

Salt Blocks

Mineral Blocks

Trace Mineral Salt

Alfalfa Pellets

Alfalfa Cubes

Timothy Pellets


Water Dispensers


Medical Supplies

Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes

Dried Molasses

Beef Pulp Pellets

Steamed Crimped Oats

Whole Brown Flax Seed

Soybean Meal

Roasted Soybean

Diatomaceous Earth Products

1st and 2nd Cut Hay Bales

Straw Bales

Saddle Creek Pine Shaving Bedding

Saddle Creek Bedding Pellets




And Much More!